Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Christie Family

My relationship with the Christie family began when I started dating my boyfriend, Cote, 6 and a half years ago. Meghan is Cote's first cousin so I practically consider her my family as well. I remember when Meghan was pregnant with Greyson! And Ella was my first newborn I photographed and posed about 3 or so years ago! I've loved watching this family grow and I'm not opposed to more babies! They are all so beautiful! 

Curtis Turns 9 Months!

It came to my attention that I never blogged Curtis' 9 month session! We traveled out to Shired Island for this session since his mama and daddy love the beach so much and Curtis proved to love it just as much! 

Curtis Turns 6 Months

So it came to my attention sweet Curtis' 6 and 9 month sessions were never blogged! So heres this little stinkers 6 month session. Isn't that smile the sweetest?